Max Kauffman

b 1981

I have lived in Denver for the better part of 15 years minus a few in Oakland. While most of my career has been playing out in the West, I’m a Midwest guy at heart, having spent my childhood years in Chicago and my more formative years in South Bend, IN.
As a kid, moving from the city to the rural Midwest, I was immediately drawn to nature, the deep woods, the wetlands. As I got older, my interests grew to include skateboarding and live music.

My early style of painting was heavily influenced by music and its undefinability. Music conveys a mood, but you cannot hold it in your hand. You can’t point to it. I explored this fluidity with my art. To this day, improvisation and the idea of worlds within worlds dictates a number of my pieces. Architecture factors heavily into what I do. As a way to tell a story but also as the basis of things.

Recently I am looking to nostalgia as a failing, a way to advance mythology. The internal maps of commonplace roadside objects and buildings are laid out with a leaning on emotional imprints and shorthand patterns. There is a ghost-like quality in all the pieces, a result of my effort to capture the passing essence of these relics.


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Hi Fructose

Its Nice That


Client List

303 skateboards, 72 and Sunny, Arbor Collective, Atlas Edibles, Denver Kush Club, Fat Tire, Motive, Mountain Dew, Nike, Ninedot Arts, PG&E, Portland Mercury, Redstar Merchandise, Sony, and The Very Warm

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