Implements for Modern Farming

Dateline October/November 2020

In February I went to Newnan GA for a residency. I had access to historic molds from RD Cole manufacturing, which I painted and shaped into sculptures over the course of the month.These pieces needed little- the shapes, texture and even the color already spoke my language. I embellished each- simply, and in harmony with the natural beauty already present from their usage and history.   A book looking at this and the history of Newnan is now available in my shop.

View from outside defunct RD Cole factory.  Operational 1860-1950.  

Lichen’s Temperament

Single Wagon Train

Horse Terms

Installation view October 2020 Dateline Gallery

Installation view 2

Four Beat Gait


Ink drawing based on old ephemera for RD Cole- illustration in recent book and displayed for the show.

Sacred is Sacred

Bedroom Eyes

Old Corinth Road.   gift to the city of Newnan, GA

Empty Nest

A Bird’s Inflection

Old Man’s Beard

Small Favors

Brown’s Mill. gift to University of West Georgia

Meeting Point

Elevators (me & you), Local Pattern