Single Wagon Train 

latex on antique wood 9×7.5×10 in

Four Beat Gait

latex on antique wood 24x24x9 in


bronze with steel and wood mount8.5x2x2 in


Lichens Temperament

latex on antique wood assemblage10x10.5×25 in

Horse Terms

latex on antique wood7x23x9.5 in



bronze with steel mount 6.5x6x5 in


Brown’s Mill

24x40x20 in latex on antique wood assemblage

For a residency this February, for more images click here

Sacred is Sacred

~30x15x3 in latex and antique wood assemblage

Shadow Discipline

16×20 in steel


11x10x3 in bronze w steel and wood mount

Cloud Tape

8x3x3 in bronze w steel mount

Tears but the good Kind

4x5x2.5 in bronze w steel mount


6.5x6x7 in bronze and steel mounts